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The beginnings:

The business was born as a continuation of the old Anzellotti haberdashery, located where the Giacosa Bar exists today.

After the closure of the old haberdashery in 1962, in which he had been employed since 1922, Del Bimbo Nello  together with his son Gianni took over the business and remained a point of reference for the numerous tailoring activities of via Tornabuoni, in as well as specialists in buttons, yarns and articles for tailoring.

At the beginning of the 1980s the company's evolutionary process began, specializing in men's and women's underwear, women's corsetry and men's-women's hosiery.

Today, thanks to the collaboration with prestigious brands and a vast assortment of underwear, hosiery for men - women and knitwear, Delcor is a prestigious point of reference in the city. Thanks to the solid commercial principles infused into the business by the parents and the careful innovations introduced by the son, Delcor can boast a regular clientele also in the surrounding cities (Prato, Siena, Pisa, Arezzo), and abroad with shipments all over the world.

Who we are

Haberdashery, buttons, Underwear for Women and Men, and a lot of passion for work, in the constant search for quality, regardless of the brand and price. Daniele continues the family tradition and takes care of development and innovation.

The evolution from the 80s to today has allowed the process of specialization in the sectors of women's hosiery with the introduction of prestigious brands such as Girardi, Oroblu and pierre mantoux without neglecting the well-being of the legs thanks to the secret line of the Ibici hosiery.

To complete the ladies' items in recent years, women's corsetry has also been introduced, in collaboration with leading companies in the sector such as SIMON PERELE -OROBLU, as well as the beauty secret reducing line of the French WACOAL with its latest concept laser-cut sheaths.

Specialists in women's hosiery but not only, as they are assisted by leading companies in men's hosiery such as  Bresciani  Chiaruttini e Gallo.

For twenty years of close collaboration, Gallo in Florence has been synonymous with Delcor, guaranteeing a vast assortment of classic and modal hosiery for both men and women, completed with a wide range of accessories such as gloves, scarves and hats in precious materials such as cashmere & silk.

The flagship of the store is a wide range of underwear for men and women, ranging from noble yarns such as silk, wool  and silk and wool in different weights to lisle thanks to companies leaders in the sector such as CALIDA-LISANZA-PEROFIL and  RAGNO.

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