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After having established relationships with stylists providing technical assistance and production of the collections, Bresciani sought collaboration and production relationships with the most important companies in the sector that could last over time, choices that created the conditions for an international experience.
Today the company, after years of experience, has established itself on the international market with its own brand by distributing the product through various sales organizations in Europe, the USA, the Far East, Africa and South America, helping to affirm the made in Italy with a product of best quality. Attention to detail begins with the choice of the finest natural fibers such as Egyptian cotton, merino wool, cashmere, hemp, silk and linen.

The rigorous controls, highly skilled labor and the use of the highest electronic technology guarantee the quality of production. These are the characteristics that form the basis of Bresciani's collaboration with well-known designers  and explain its presence in the most prestigious stores in the world.

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