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Born in 1920, the Maglificio Lisanzese  immediately had the imprint of its very young founder, _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136biberata-136biberata_biberata-136biberata-136biberata-136biberata-136biberata-136b learned the art of knitwear making socks, gloves and sweaters for the military families on the war front of the Corso and the Alps.

After 1950, the initiatives progressivo development  led to continuous success on international markets. The success of the Maglificio Lisanzese  is due to the choice of making a qualitatively high-level product of .

Production and our image have grown steadily over the years and so has our company.
Today the brand  "LISANZA"   is present everywhere  in the world.
It is synonymous with un  guaranteed product  of every level while, to the knitwear tradition, corsetry and underwear have been added.
We produce articles in wool, silk, lisle thread e in linen. Only natural fibers.

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