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CALIDA NIGHT FALL / WINTER 2019 CALIDA - BORN IN SWITZERLAND CALIDA pajamas are really ideal for recharging the batteries during sleep and starting the day on the right foot. In addition to the wide range of nightgowns, CALIDA offers comfortable pajamas for all tastes. CALIDA pajamas are incredibly soft, very snug and particularly comfortable. CALIDA pajamas in precious cotton or modal fluid can put you completely at ease, not only at night. In fact, thanks to their exclusive design, they are perfect to wear even during the day during a brunch or a Sunday on the sofa. Experience maximum comfort with CALIDA pajamas What makes CALIDA pajamas unique are the excellent fit and perfect shapes, but also the high quality materials. In the summer, a short women's pajama or a 3/4 pajama can be more pleasant than a traditional long pajama: it's a very personal choice. In addition to the pajamas with cuffs from CALIDA, our customers especially love the long-staple cotton pajamas with the SWISS COTTON guarantee seal. Thanks to the fine cotton fibers, these models are particularly refined, soft and easy to wash and iron. Great variety with CALIDA's “Make your own pajamas” program Inspire yourself with the varied choice of dream pajamas to spend a night of authentic rest. The CALIDA Make Your Own Pajamas program offers a lot of different combinations. The numerous pajama tops and loungewear trousers are always expressed in a new way, banishing boredom.

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